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Wellness Cat Food Review

Hello! This post is a little different than my normal posts, but I just wanted to share with all the cat people out there one of my new favorite cat brands. So a few weeks ago, Wellness sent me some free samples of their canned cat food for my babies to try. Since they were so kind to do this, and I was very impressed with the food, (as I believe my cats were too since they chowed it all down in a few minutes) I figured I would write them a review. I know several of my followers have little fur babies and I would definitely recommend this brand of cat food. They also have a line of dog food which I will be trying once our current dog food runs out. I don't know about you, but my pets are very important to me, they are my children! I think buying food that is a little more on the expensive side can save you money in the future. Just like us, our little babies will not need as many doctor visits if we feed them things that are healthy for them. It will also expand their life!

So here are a few things I loved about Wellness: The Quantity: So, my cats are the kind that eat whatever is in front of them. Giving them the right quantity of food is important for their health. If I give them a full bowl of food, they eat it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Wellness cat food cans come in the perfect size! They are small enough that I did not have to store them in the refrigerator until the next feeding time. I hate putting canned food in my refrigerator because it gives it a nasty smell. The Taste (from their perspective lol) : I'm not going to lie, my cats are not picky. However, they literally tore this food up. It was gone in less then a few minutes. I was taking photos as quick as I could. I couldn't even get them to look up from their bowls. So, no, technically I don't know the taste was good, but I think my cats proved it was. The Customer Service I am a loyal customer when I feel like a brand treats their customers right. Wellness did not even ask me if I wanted to sample their food, they just sent it. They knew my cats were important to me, so they took action. I really love brands that care about you! My whole experience with this brand was great. I will be using them again. If you are currently looking for a brand for your cats or dogs, I would give Wellness a try. Thanks for tuning in, friends! -Chandler

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