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Weekend Catchup

Happy Monday y'all!

Hoping your weekend was perfect and you were able to rejuvenate before another week. I had a really fun weekend! I started my weekend off with my husband and bestie listening to some live music at a country bar. It was a lot of fun to just chat, laugh, and have a few drinks.

Top Size: Medium - super cute top, I would suggest getting some body tape to make sure the sleeves don't slide up on you constantly.

Saturday, I went with my mom to help her get her new Mercedes Benz! It is GORGEOUS. It was such a fun, but slightly stressful, time. I am so excited for her as she truly deserves it!

Sunday, my sister and her husband came down and we had cooked out and had fajitas. It's so fun being close to all of my favorite people! It was such a fun, busy weekend and I think after work today I'm going to need a NAP!

Here is one of the looks from this weekend that I forgot to share. Let me know if there is anything I ever forget to link that you want to have.


Tank: Medium

Cardigan: Medium

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