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Ulta Haul - 2/6/21

Happy Saturday,

Last night my bestie and I had a wonderful night drinking Smirnoff Screwdrivers and eating Caprese and Greek Feta Dip. One of my favorite things about being so close to all my people is being able to hang out with them every weekend! We also got in the hot tub and laughed for hours and hours. It was the best!

If you love Greek/Mediterranean food, this is a must try. It's DELISH!

This morning we woke up and decided to get some Starbucks and head to Ulta to spend my birthday Ulta gift cards. It was so much having Steph tell me what I needed and getting to buy so much without feeling guilty. I wanted to share with you everything I got! Now to experiment, watch tutorials, and figure out what the heck I'm doing! Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks bestie for steering me in the right direction!

So here it is:

The Essentials: 4 Piece Makeup Brush Kit with Travel Case ($20): I was in desperate need of new brushes! I literally was using the same brush for my powder, blush, and bronzer LOL. The brushes came with a small, cute bag that I am going to keep them in so they don't get everything else all dirty. It comes with a powder brush, angled blush brush, crease brush, flat shader brush, and a travel case.

Morphe: Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist ($16): So Steph said I needed to have a setting spray so this is the one I chose! They also have one in a black can that is not matte if that is more your thing. This is used after you finish your makeup to give you a matte look that lasts all day.

Elf: Hydrating Camo Concealer Satin Finish ($6): Even I have heard about this stuff. It's all over Tik Tok and tons of my favorite bloggers use this. It comes in a pretty large bottle for such a great price, I'll let you know how I like it!

Color: Fair Rose

Elf: Camo CC Cream ($14): Steph nor I have never tried Elf's CC cream, so I will have to keep you updated on what I think. I will say that I have always loved most of the products Elf puts out. This is by far the most expensive Elf product I've ever bought, hah!

Color: Light 280

NYX: Total Control Pro Illuminator ($14): I always see bloggers, influencers, and celebs putting on liquid highlighter and I LOVE the way it looks. I decided to go on a whim and try NYX's before trying a more expensive brand.

Color: Cool

NYX Control Freak: Eyebrow Gel ($6): I am so excited to try this! I have seen so many people use eyebrow gel to hold and control their brows. They have tinted gels, however, I think I will do better with clear so I don't go painting on clown like brows.

The Nubian by Juvia's ($20): If you buy this pallet in the Ulta store right now, it is on clearance for $12.99. I originally was going to try the mini size pallet which was $10, but $2 more dollars for the full size?! Hell yeah! These colors are very earthy which is my favorite. I'm looking forward to playing around with these.

Color: The Nubian

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette ($39): This was for sure a spoil me day... because not only did I get my first nice eyeshadow palette, but I also got a second! I think I will do a comparison as a blog post since the two are very similar.

Color: Toasted

Burt's Bees: Lip Shimmer ($5.49): I am a big fan of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer colors! They are minty and I absolutely love using them when I want color on my lips, but I need some moisturizer on them.

Color: Watermelon

Nemat: Amber Fragerence Roll-On ($18.99): Okay... this is in my top 5 favorite beauty products. I have always had it in a bottle that I have to apply on my finger and then on my neck/wrists. I found this roll-on stick today and I am ecstatic! This past year, my friend Steph realized that Amber scent is in almost every perfume, air fragrance, etc. that I buy. It is just so fresh and clean, this is a must try! My fav smell for sure!

Tartan +Twine: Basics Clear Train Case ($14): Since I now have a lot of makeup, I needed to upsize on my makeup case. I love this because it is easily cleanable and opens from the top! In store, this case is $10.


I think this is the biggest makeup haul I have ever had and it was so much fun! Maybe I will actually try and spend more than 5 minutes on my makeup! Like I said before, if you have any product recommendations, video tutorial recommendations, or tips, please drop them in the comments!

I hope you all have a great night and rest of your weekend,


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