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Hey friends!

This weekend, my best friend Stephanie and I went to go check out the local tulip farm in La Vernia, TX (near San Antonio). We had very high hopes after seeing so many gorgeous tulip pictures on blogger's and friend's pages.

A few tips for people wanting to take tulip pictures: 1. Find poses that you like before hand! There are so many people that you only have a few moments to capture the perfect picture. Make sure you have planned out some go to poses. 2. Go ahead and pluck a few tulips before you begin taking pictures that way your favorite pictures don't end up having only one tulip in your basket! 3. Charge your phone/camera! The worst thing ever is to get out to take pictures and you have no charge. Or, just bring a battery pack with you. 4. Do not carry all of your belongings out there. Just bring what you need (cash, phones, keys).

Steph and I had a great time picking tulips and taking pictures. I would advise anyone who wants to go visit to wait a month or so. The tulips are not at full bloom right now and are very short. It made it difficult to get pictures next to the tulips. Most of our pictures are us holding the tulips that we picked. The place is gorgeous and very popular. If you have the time, you might try to going during a week day to avoid the crowd.

Now, here are the pictures from our day at Texas-Tulips!

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