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Spring Jumpsuit

Hey friends,

I hope your week is off to a great start. I received some super cute clothes from an app called Flip Fit. The app allows you to try all the clothes and return the ones you don't want. They only charge you on what you decide to keep. Plus they give you discounts for posting photos in the outfits, voting on other people's outfits, etc. I cannot speak much on it as this is my first box to receive.

This jumper came in the first box. I will continue to show you the clothes I recieve throughout the week. The jumper is thick enough to not wear a bra, but thin enough for it to be breathable. This will be the perfect outfit for showers, graduation parties, cookouts, etc. So so cute!

Continue to have a great week, y'all!

xx Chan

I am wearing a medium in the jumpsuit! I could not find my Steve Madden wedges, but I tagged some similar ones! Also, I stole my mom's Hermes cuff for this picture, but I couldn't link it as it is a couple of years old.

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