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Hey friends,

I didn't have plans to write a blog today until I decided to try out a new self tanner and mit. For me, the self tanning process has always been a hassle and most days/weeks/months (lol) I choose ghostly white over self tanning. Before my trip to Mexico, I grabbed a bottle of self tanner and a mit incase I ended up needing it while there. Well, I didn't end up using because I avoid it at all costs. However, this evening I am doing a photo shoot and decided to suck it up and self tan.

Honestly, the process has never been easier. The mit I used made the mousse go on so smooth and evenly. I was finished within 5 minutes... though I do owe my husband the credit of getting my back. I can never reach the middle of my back... maybe I need to stretch more...

The products I used were Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Mouse and "i don't want tans on my hands" mitt. I wanted a darker tan so I used the Deep Bronze color, however, they do have a Light Bronze option as well.

Make sure to shave and exfoliate before!


Don't be afraid to get in between the toes or your tan will look like this! LOL

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