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Perfect Transition Dress

It's freaking Friday!!

It's been a pretty long week for me. Busy with work, rescue things, and getting some blog posts up for you guys. I always think I want my life to be less busy, but when I have nothing to do I'm bored. So even on days where it feels like a lot, I'm super grateful for my many opportunities. I'm hoping you all had a good week too. If not, it's the weekend and your time to kick back and relax . Shea and I might be going to look at a potential house this weekend... EEKK!

For those of you who don't know. Shea and I are kind of at a weird stage in our life. Shea will be leaving for training for his job in the middle of March. His training is 6 1/2 months long, so he won't be done until September. I am currently living with my mom. We will then be moving to Victoria, Texas. We are not necessarily wanting to buy a house this second, but Victoria does not have a ton of houses like what we are looking for so we are open. We would love 1/2 an acre to an acre of land for our many pets. Personally... I'd love to have some chickens! Anyways, that's the situation and it's exciting but also sad Shea will be gone that long. Hopefully, even with COVID, I will be able to see him a couple of times!

Last thing not related to today's outfit... a friend of a friend recently started an Instagram page: @humantothefullest. She is a social worker and a therapist who is going to speak about several different topics about taking care of our full self, sharing with others and creating connection, feeling the feelings, etc. I am super excited and think you should go follower her!

Anyways, I was able to get a few pictures in this super cute Free People dress. It is soperfect for transitioning between winter and summer. It pairs adorably with this champagne colored jacket! Not that it has to be the jacket I have on, but having a piece like this is essential. It goes with dress, jeans, skirts, etc. If you're in Texas with all this bipolar weather, you always need to have a jacket you can throw over your outfit.

P.S the dress also comes in a black color that is super cute!

We are almost halfway there!


Dress: Medium - I put it on there twice as one is from Nordstrom and the other from Macy's. Macy's has limited sizes but for $22.96. Nordstrom is selling it on sale for $58.

Jacket: Medium

Shoes: Not the exact shoes, but similar

Lipstick Color: Velvet Teddy by MAC

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