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Panties with a Purpose

Happy Friday!

Did anyone elses week feel like a freaking year!? Mine sure as heck did and I'm so glad it's the weekend. I'm in need of some mimosas and R&R!

I'm so excited to talk about my partnership with NKD Underwear! I recently was approached by them and asked to try out their underwear. I don't always accept every partnership because I like to spend my time sharing products I love and believe in. NKD designed their underwear with comfort and helping women in mind. The #1 requested item in a women's shelter is underwear. Every pair of underwear that is bought, a pair is donated.

They sell three simple designs: the cheeky bikini, the classic thong, and the weekend thong. The underwear are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. I would say that all three styles are very thong like, the cheeky bikini having the most coverage and the weekend thong having the least.

The Cheeky Thong The Weekend Thong The Cheeky Bikini

NKD generously gave me a 40% off code to share with you guys. Use the code thatchanchic at checkout and you will be discounted 40% off your order. These underwear are cheaper than Victoria Secret with my code. Plus you know that with every purchase of underwear, you will be giving another woman a pair of underwear. "We started NKD to make a difference in the world by empowering women and helping those that are in need." After only a year since creation, they have donated over 15,000 pairs of panties. We all need undies my ladies, might as well support a good cause while we do it! #womenwhosupportwomen

You can buy your pair by clicking here or visiting Don't forget to use my code thatchanchic at checkout!


Shirt: Large


Old Navy Shorts:

Yesterday on my Insta stories, I shared my new pairs of shorts that I recently got from Old Navy. I totally think that Old Navy athletic wear is wayyy overlooked! The shorts are thin (not see through) and breathable. I go for them anytime they are clean.

Shorts: Medium - Bra: Medium

Shorts: Medium - Shirt: Large - Bra: Medium

Shorts: Medium - Bra: Medium

Shorts: Medium - Bra: Medium

Unfortunately, the gray color of these shorts does not seem to be available. I liked the light blue color instead.

Shorts: Medium - Bra: Meidum


Blue Light Glasses:

Lastly, here is a cute pair of blue light glasses that I found off of Amazon. They are light and super stylish. I like them because they don't have as much of the yellow tint in the frames like most blue light glasses.

I got the rose gold color with transparent lens.

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