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My Cruise Attire

Happy Sunday!

Today I will be sharing where I got some of my items I wore on the cruise. Most of the items I had bought for my Honeymoon a month ago. However, I added a few new things to mix it up and make it a new vacation.

As I have said before, I love to shop on Amazon. It allows me to shop from the comfort of my home and receive my product within a few days. For big online shoppers, I definitely recommend buying Amazon Prime. You will receive free 2 day shipping as well as movies and music. Also, please ignore my ugly sea sick bands. They may be hideous, but they worked wonders. You can find my swimsuit at:

Women’s Snakeskin Leopard Printed Bikini Set Two Piece High Waist Swimsuits Sexy Bra Swimwear

I ordered a medium and would say it fits true to size. The bottoms are a little tight, but not uncomfortably tight. The weirdest thing about the swimsuit is the hook in the back. It works and I never had any problems with it coming off, but I had never seen one like it before.

Unfortunately, I cannot link my hat because it was a Ross find. However, I adore it so much and would recommend everyone have a hat like this for beach days. I have linked a hat very similar below!

My sunglasses were a quick find back in December before my honeymoon. They were super cheap and I found them at Cato. Below I linked a pair that are very similar for a good price!

This cover up is by far one of my favorites! I wore it over every swimsuit on my honeymoon as well as while I was on my cruise. This picture is one from the honeymoon, but I couldn’t not post this cover up because it is literally the best. It is long enough to cover your bottom which is a win win win

While on a cruise or other vacation, you usually have to do a lot of walking. Even if you don’t, it is great to have a pair of flip flops that stay on and are comfy. I have had my Sanuks for a couple of years and love them! They are super cute to wear with casual summer clothes too.

Click the link below to see the ones I have.

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Prints Sandal

Honestly, beach clothes are one of my favorite things to buy, so I could go on and on. In all honesty, I love the beach because there is finally an excuse for my hair to be messy and it be considered pretty. Seriously, when I wake up in the morning on a normal day, it looks like I took a trip to the beach while I was sleeping. Beach waves for dayssss. Plus, the beach makes me think of margaritas and fruity drinks.

Anyways, I will let you guys go and shop. If you decide to buy any of the items I have listed, I would really appreciate you using the links above as it gives me a small part. I just love all of the support I get from all of you and hope to hear from YOU. Seriously, please comment your thoughts or blog requests. It’s not weird and it really helps me.

Thanks for reading!

-Chandler Hine

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