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March 12th Target/Walmart Finds

Hello lovelies,

This is not much of a blog post, but more of a place to share my outfit details. I have had a few questions on some of my outfits, so I will start connecting them to my blog.

Today's look was super comfy. I have been fighting to find a good pair of shorts that don't make my legs bulge out. I am not a small framed person. I have big legs no matter how much weight I lose. That is okay! But finding shorts is tough.

I found these shorts at Target and they are loose and so comfy. They were only $17! The sweatshirt is also from Target and was on sale for $10. You cannot see it, but I found a cute little lounge bra at Target for $9.99 that I will also connect below.

The only item not from Target are my sandals. I found these at Walmart for $7!

Here are the items:



Sweatshirt: Was a clearance find so it is not available anymore. However, I found one that looks similar!

Hair Tie:

<br />

So basically, my whole outfit was under $50. In my book, that is pretty dang good.

Hope you enjoy! Have an amazing rest of the week. You are almost half way through. Except for you spring breakers, enjoy the time off!


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