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Life Update

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Hi all,

I know my blog is typically a space where I share my clothes, beauty products, etc., however, I have had a lot of questions about how Shea and I are doing during this time away from each other. I am so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers I have been sent - it truly means more than you know. Shea is on his second month of training in Georgia.

I want to start out by saying that I am so proud of my husband. This is his second government training he has gone through in the past 4-5 years. The first training he attended was while we were still dating - that one was in New Mexico. Shea has worked so hard to get where he is and I am so proud to be the wife of a Federal officer. To hear his heart behind his why is amazing and his love for people is so big. He is not one of those officers that does it for the power - he truly wants to make a change and I couldn't be prouder. I want to preface with all of that so no one has to question my feelings about his job.

We were both very scared going into this season because we didn't know what it would look like. His previous training was different because we were still early into our dating relationship. This training requires us to spend 7 months apart in other states. It requires a large amount of trust on both sides. It was just really scary in the beginning. Saying goodbye was really hard. I was grateful for the mask at the airport that day because my heart felt ripped a part from its other half.

A month and a half in, things are better. We still really miss each other and can't wait to see each other on Memorial Day weekend. It'll be the first time seeing each other since March when I dropped him off. We wanted to get over the hump of initial sadness to give him time to settle in. Shea seems to have made some awesome friends who truly care about him and want the best for him. That's makes this wife's heart happy.

One of our biggest goals during this time is to save money. I have been living with my mom during this time and am so grateful she has opened her house AGAIN to me. It has been fun to live with her as an adult as I haven't lived with her since high school. During this time, Shea and I have been able to pay off all debt, save up 3-6 months worth of expenses, and start saving for a down payment on our home. We have had to make sacrifices to do this as it is so tempting to spend more money since we have more money available. We started our financial journey about a year ago when I did some research and started following Dave Ramsey. I wouldn't say we follow everything he advises, but the Debt Snowball helped us tremendously. We will start looking at homes come July-August and I am so excited to buy our first home. I know that when we are together in the home, the sacrifices will have been worth it. I could go on and on about the financial benefits, but just let me know if you have any questions!

One of my personal goals has been to continue to grow my audience on Instagram and on my blog so I can grow the side income that it brings in. Sharing clothes and life is a passion, but it can also be such a blessing in so many influencer's lives. This is why I am so grateful to all of you. I hope to have around 10,000 followers by time Shea gets out of training. I am a little behind my goal, but things have been picking up recently so I'm excited.

Something that I've remembered about myself that I lost after getting married is my grit. I have been able to rely on a second person for two years now. It is great to share the burdens of life with each other, but it has boosted my confidence knowing I could still do this if I wasn't married. Don't get me wrong, I NEVER want to be without Shea. I got married right out of college, so I never had to do many things "alone." This time has allowed me to have that experience in a small dose. All I have to say is cheers to my single friends, y'all are kicking life's ass all by yourself. Just imagine if/when you have someone else! (I say if because maybe you don't want someone else.)

Lastly, I'll say it is easier to admire and see the good in your spouse when you're separated. It's been a good reminder of all the reasons I married Shea. It's not that I didn't know, but I don't think I was able to see it as much when we were living life side by side. I don't want to take for granted the man I married.. he is quite an amazing guy.

The focus of this post is to highlight the positives of a long distance relationship because you already know the negatives. It's hard, you miss each other, it can be lonely, etc! There are so many positives to this experience as well and I wanted to share a few with you.

We would appreciate continued prayers as Shea still has a ways to go. He is doing amazing and acing everything they put in front of him.. not surprised. I can't wait to see his face at the end of the month and give him a big smooch!

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement,


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Sweatshirt: Unfortunately, this is no longer at Aerie :(

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