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Last Night's Dinner Outfit - 2/5/21

Hi friends,

Last night, we went out to dinner to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday at Fogo de Chao. Oh my gosh... I ate so much and totally regretted my decision to wear jeans instead of something looser. I swear working from home has created a monster out of me... I just want to wear comfies all day! So totally don't look at my social media and think that's how I dress all the time... it's more like 2% of the time!

We will be house sitting for my mother-in-law the next two weeks and she has a hot tub! I think this weekend I'll be out there with a glass of wine and some Caprese! Speaking of which, I put a question on my story to get some recipes for Caprese, olive dips, etc. If you have any good ones, please drop them in the comments!

Here's a good recipe for you to try! My mom and I love this and make it way too often.

Greek Feta Dip:

- cherry tomatoes chopped

- feta cheese

- green onions

- Cavender's seasoning

-little bit of olive oil

This is what it looks like... SO delish and easy! We like to eat it on Wheat Thins or some type of thick cracker.

Have a great weekend,


Bodysuit: Medium

Lip Stick Color: Velvet Teddy (my fav always)

The cross bracelet was a gift from my mother-in-law who got in from MadeWell but I cannot find it. I found the same one at Nordstrom's though and linked it! It's a great everyday staple.

The jacket is from TJMaxx, so I was unable to link it, however, there are several on Ebay and Poshmark if you are really interested. Also here are some jackets that I think are similar and super cute!

Just a fun little braid for my hair that I was too lazy to wash and style!

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