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Lani the Label Dress

Happy HUMP day!

Hoping your week is going good!

Today, I am sharing a dress from the FlipFit box I got this week. For the sake of honesty, I have to tell you this was not my favorite thing. It is very form fitting and has no give. It is the type of dress you might wear when you are feeling yourself. If you are feeling a little chunky the day you decide to wear this... you might hate yourself.

The look of the dress is just darling, but I'm all about being practical when it comes to wearing dresses that show my form. It needs to DO THINGS FOR ME. I don't want to have to mess with it to make sure it looks right the whole time I'm wearing it. This will be a return for me.

Lani the Label does have so many cute things and I plan on getting more in a future FlipFit box. Her paterns are simple and elegant! You can shop her clothing by clicking here.

Hoping tomorrow's look might be a looser beause tonight we are going to eat Mexican food with Shea's family. It's very sad, but the hubs leaves for training in Georgia next week. You will probably hear lots from me in the next 7 months as I try to fill my time without my husband. Thankful to have family and friends close!



Dress: Medium

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