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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Okay... I admit it, it's been a longgg time since I posted on the blog. Honestly, it's been a whirlwind of a couple of months. Good things, bad things, bleh things... all the things! :)

Shea came back from training in Georgia - it was a long 6 1/2 months! He got to see our home for the first time and I'm happy to report that he loves it. Whew! If you're interested in following our home decorating journey, you can go to my Instagram and look at the "Our Home" highlights. I try to update it with any new finds or as I decorate a new room. Honestly, the house is still a mess because I am being so picking about each item. Everything will find its home eventually... LOL watch me still be decorating my house 3 years from now!

I've been sharing lots of Amazon on Instagram lately - so many great finds! I will share several of my finds on this post, but you can always shop my finds on LikeToKnow.It as well as my Amazon Storefront. Please know how grateful I am for the many of you who use my links and support me!

Also, Tarte is having a 50% Birthday Sale for all of their foundations. You can shop this sale by going to my LTK post, clicking on the foundation you want, and using the code "BDAY" at checkout. I have not personally used their foundations, but used today as an excuse to try them out. I purchased the Amazonian Clay Foundation as I've heard good reviews!

Keep scorlling below for some of my recent finds and videos I've recently made. Again, I appriciate every single one of you and will get better about posting my finds on the blog more frequently.

Have a great rest of your Thursday and weekend!

Chan xoxo

Parker McCollum Concert Outfits

Chan's Outfit: Top: Medium/Pants: Medium

Steph's Outfit: Click HERE for her boots


Top: Medium - Click HERE

Bottoms: 26/5 - Click HERE

10% Off Coupon: thatchanchic_10

What I Bought Vs. What I Got Pt. 1- Pt.

Outfit 1: Large/ Outfit 2: Medium/ Outfit 3: Medium/ Outfit 4: Medium/ Outfit 5: Medium

PT 2.

Outfit 1 Top: Medium/ Outfit 1 Pants: 6/ Outfit 2: Medium/ Outfit 3: Medium/ Outfit 4: Medium/ Outfit 5: Medium/ Outfit 6 (Dress): Medium

PT. 3

Jeans: Medium/ Outfit 1: Large/ Outfit 2: Large/ Outfit 3: Medium/ Outfit 4: Medium

PT 4

Outfit 1 Top: Medium/ Outfit 1 Jeans: 6/ Outfit 2: Medium/ Outfit3: Large/ Outfit 4 Top: Medium/ Outfit 4 Jeans: Medium

Skirt Transition: Summer to Fall to Winter

Skirt: Medium/ Cardigan: Medium/ Sweater: Large

Sherpa Jacket

Sherpa: Large

Hair Tutorials:

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