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Friday Feeling

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

It is my last full weekend with Shea and it's all getting so real! We are about to do long distance again and I know we are going to kill it. I would love if you kept Shea in your prayers and also prayed that he is able to leave the training facility so we are able to see each other. I know that big things will happen in our relationship these next 7 months because you are either growing together or growing apart, and growing apart isn't an option for us!

This outfit is my last one from FlipFit box #2. It is probably the most chic and beautiful clothing item I have gotten from them. It is a tie with the leather pants as my favorite from this box. The only problem with this top is it wrinkles so easily. You will have to use an iron when you want to wear this. I tried using wrinkle spray to get out the wrinkles, but it did not work. By the way... if you don't use wrinkle spray... you aren't living life right.

I have not used an iron in years because this stuff works great! Honestly... I really never used an iron... I just spray my clothes before I put them on and give it a little tug to straighten it out in the areas that are wrinkled... and MAGIC. Also, it smells great!

Alrighty, going to go and enjoy the day with my hubs. Gotta soak in all the time I have left with him.

Have a great weekend,


Top: Medium - for this top I did not wear a normal bra, I just wore stick on bra adhesives. I do not have large breasts, so I cannot attest to how this might work for my larger breasted gals.

This is similar to the ones I was wearing:

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