Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Happy Wednesday!

It was so great starting the work week on a Tuesday! The week is already half way over and it feels like it just started. Last weekend I got to go see my hubby in Jacksonville, Florida - Ellie came too! We had an absolute blast! It was so so good to see him and so so hard to leave him. It had been two months since we had last seen each other and we picked up right where we had left off. We hung out at the beach, ate tons of food, watched movies, and just caught up with how we were both doing. Many tears were shed as we discussed life without each other. We also discussed what we wanted to accomplish this month and how we wanted to grow. It makes me so thankful to have Shea - he cares so much about my ambitions. Leaving was freaking hard.. I got home early Monday and basically laid in bed the rest of the day watching season 2 of Dirty John... and cried.

I know that sounds so depressing, but I truly am grateful to have someone that I miss that much. I'm sure it would not be this way for everyone. So don't feel bad for us, because we are growing and accomplishing so much during this time. Here are a few of my goals for this month:

  1. Get to 4,000 Instagram followers

  2. Finish American Dirt and 1 more book

  3. Get 2 more collaboration deals

  4. Get back in the Word

  5. Start looking at homes - eeek!

Sometimes my goals scare me... I'm thinking that's a good thing? But like I told Shea, the only way that I can truly fail is if I quit.

Anyways, today I am sharing a dress from Amazon that can be dressed up or down. It could go great with some sneakers if you want to make it more casual or you can dress it up with a jacket and some heels. There are several different colors available for this dress, but I am wearing the white. The dress is two layers thick and did not show my bra or underwear through it - I would wear nudes on both though.

I also have a few pictures from Florida that I will share with you as well! Hope you are having a great week and the next two days are easy breezy!

Thanks for reading,



Amazon Dress:

Dress: Medium

Blazer: I could not find the exact same jacket so I linked two different ones from Amazon. The second is actually a blazer and short combo.

Heels: I LOVE these. They are so cute and go great with jeans as well! True to size.


Florida Trip:

Swimsuit: Wearing a medium - this is a cheeky one!

Shorts: Large

Swimsuit: Medium - also very cheeky!

Tank: I love this sports bra/tank! I'm wearing a medium.

Our airport pic as always!


Couple Other Finds:

Shirt: Large

Biker Shorts: Medium - MY FAVES

Ellie's Outfit: Small - she is 4 lbs

Shirt: Large

Biker Shorts: Medium

PJ Top: Large PJ Bottom: Large - little too big but I like it!

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