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DIY Chalkboard Fridge

Hey guys!

I will be the first to admit that DIY projects have never been my thing. I always find that when I buy all of the tools and supplies I need for the project I spend almost just as much as I would have if I bought it new. When I got married and knew I would be on the search for a job, I figured I would have some time to do a few DIY projects to test my theory.

When it comes to furniture, I do think DIY projects are worth it. Typically all you need is some sand paper, paint and possibly a few nails to fix it up. When Shea and I moved into our home, we had several pieces of furniture from his apartment and mine that were very outdated. We were super blessed to have been gifted some very nice furniture, but we still had some missing items. For instance, our home did not come with a refrigerator. My mom had one that had been sitting in her garage for about a year that she so graciously gave us. This was amazing! Except... it was very rusty and ugly.

One night I took some bleach and a sponge and completely cleaned out the inside. BRAND NEW on the inside. However, I was unsure what to do with the ugly exterior. I had heard many people cover their walls and appliances with contact paper. I went to Target to see what they had, but got the feeling that the ones they had would make my fridge look very tacky.

Then it hit me! Chalkboard paint! I had seen people do this on walls, but I had never seen it done on a refrigerator before. I went to the paint isle and started reading what materials the paint could be used on and it said metal surfaces. I googled a few pics to see what it would look like and I was in love.

We used Chip and Joanna Gain's chalkboard paint because... well I trust them. I only needed a small can of paint to do the whole fridge. We even had some left over.

So, here are the instructions on how to chalkboard paint your fridge.

1. Clean the interior first if this is something that needs to be done.

2. Sand paper the whole fridge and make sure to get all the chipped paint off. 3. Use a wet wash cloth and wipe down the whole fridge getting all of the debris and dirt off. 4. Open your chalkboard paint and stir it with a paint stick. 5. Use large paint brush and paint everything but the parts close to the handles, ice maker, etc. 6. Use your smaller paint brush to go in and fill in the places you could not reach with the larger brush. If you really want to be precise, you could use tape to cover the areas you do not want painted. 7. Wait for the paint to dry and top with a second coat to get full coverage. 8. This is not a step, you are done!! Here is what the fridge looked like before.



Honestly, our refrigerator has turned into one of the coolest pieces of furniture we have. When people come over, we always get the most compliments on our fridge. So funny, right? So, if you have an ugly fridge, get you some chalkboard paint and fix it! They have other colors other than black. It is the Chip and Joanna Hearth and Home chalkboard paint. I hope my easy DIY project inspires your creativity. If you believe the lie that you are not creative, stop it! This is something I have had to tell myself. Please share pictures with me if you end up doing this! I would love to see how yours turns out! Thank you for reading my post and I pray you have a wonderful day and weekend. Remember we have a powerful God who can redeem even the hardest of times. Happy DIY-ing my friends, -Chandler

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