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Decorating Behind your TV


I want to start off by saying I am by no means an interior decorator and owe all my ideas to Pinterest and Joanna Gains. Literally, my kitchen is a replica of Chip and Jo's Hearth and Hand with Magnolia collection. That Target isle is probably my favorite to just stand in. It gives me life! Joanna is such an inspiration and her influence has given us a home we really love.

I have had a really good time decorating my house and making it my own. Girls, I did my fair share of "nesting." As of now, I am just filling in blank spaces and adding little touches here and there. One wall I have completed is the wall behind my TV. I had a really hard time with this wall at first because it was so big and blank. I knew I did not want tons of awkward space, but I had no clue what I was going to do with it. Anywho, one day I grabbed all of my wall decorations and just started hanging things. Before I knew it, I had a Pinterest wall where every bit of space is used. And I LOVE it.

I will admit, I am not one for simplicity. I love pictures, words, and anything that brings life. Another thing I am very big on is greenery because I believe it brings joy into your home. If you are redoing your house, or moving into a new house, I encourage you to only bring in things that spark joy.

So, I'll stop blabering! Here is my wall:

This is my favorite wall in the whole house! I know decor is totally based on opinion and style, but this sparks joy to me. If by chance anything in here sparks joy in you, I will add the link to all the items I can find. So, if this is something you would like to know how to do, let me teach you. First, find your biggest piece of wall art you will be using. This is your starting point. Put it in a place where there is plenty of room for it to be the centerpiece. For me, the navy painting on the far right is where I started. Because the space was so big, I knew I wanted to add an aspect of layering so everything was not so symmetrical. To do this, I added the shelves. At the time when I was decorating this wall, my TV stand was a lot shorter so my shelves could be raised a couple of inches now. I just feel so bad asking the Hubs to do it again. Next, I found a medium size piece of art to fill the space between the shelves and the big navy piece. I used the mirrored frame. Do not let any of these pieces be even with each other. If you are super Type A, this is probably driving you crazy, but bear with me! Now, go look for small pieces that you can hang in the blank spaces you have left. These can be anything from pictures, signs, crosses, etc.

After, I headed to the other side of my shelves. You do not want this side to be exactly like the other, so do not use the same method. You probably will want to use a larger piece so you do not have to fill so much space, however this is not a necessity. I went ahead and used the large white sign to fill up some of my blank wall. Then, I went ham and found every little piece of random wall art I have had since college and filled the space up. Honestly, this made it very personal because I was able to hang things such as the "I'll be there for you" Friends sign that my dear friend Stephanie gave me. I love seeing this because it makes me think of her. <3 If you decide to use shelves, which I recommend, this is where you put all the random knick knacks you have been given over the years. I seriously love shelves and have them in most of my rooms. I promise you, this is very easy if you let yourself go outside your comfort zone and be creative. This is not the area in your life where you have to be black and white. I know the struggle and decorating my house has pushed me. I really am grateful because I look at my house and feel accomplished that I, Chandler, did this. In no way do I say this to brag, but to encourage you to get past the fears of changing your style up. It's worth it. I really hope I encouraged someone to go and redo an area of their house. It's so fun and such a great feeling to have some freshness. You are totally worth the money. You are worth the time. Go get your hubby and tell him y'all are going to Target, Ross, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And last of all, please let me see your pictures. I always love new ideas.

Happy Friday, y'all! Go enjoy your weekend.


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