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Cover Band Outing

Hey friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy time with your loved ones. This weekend was very fun but busy for me! Saturday night, some friends and family went out to celebrate my mother-in-law and my mom's birthday. We went to a cute, dive bar in Richmond, Texas to listen to a cover band of ACDC. It was a fun night of drinks, playing pool, listening to music, and hanging out with some of my favorite people. We ended the weekend seeing the movie Land at Star Cinema Grill for my mom's birthday.

On another note, Dillard's is have an awesome sale of 40%+ off a lot of their store. I bought the camel colored coat from Dillard's for $24! Crazy steal! The sweater and vest that my mom is wearing is from Dillard's as well. I will link everything below and give you details! Also, if you don't own a Maroon/Wine colored hat, you need it! Plus, it is on sale on Amazon from $13.59!

On to another week! Let's kick Monday's ass!

xx Chan

- Jacket: XL, Camel - $24.15

- Hat: Amazon - $15.99 (on sale for $13.59 right now)

- Jeans: these are not the exact jeans that I have on in the photo, but they are very similar.

- Boots: Unfortunately, I cannot find the boots I am wearing. They were a Ross purchase.

- Her necklace was a gift from her bestie, Diana! It is a super cute necklace that has mustard seeds in it. If you are interested in checking them out, here is the link!

- Boots: Ash Brown (currently on sale)

- Vest and Sweater are from Dillard's and on sale!

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