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Blazers for Days

Happy Monday,

Work has been BUSY and honestly I'm glad. It makes the day go by much faster! It was a really good weekend. I used to love weekends because it meant having time off from work. Now I love weekends because it means spending time with my peeps. From birthday parties, to crawfish boils, to bestie tats, to women's parties, it was a good weekend!

One of my favorite styles lately has been blazers. Blazers with jeans, blazers with work pants, blazers with dresses... heck even blazer dresses! I think they are so chic and easy to style with many different looks. I recently had a friend who wanted some work/date ideas and my first thought was blazers. Dress them up, dress them down! The blazers I'm sharing with you today are not the thick kind that will make us Texans sweat to death. They are all very thin and comfortable.

In other news, my blog and LiketoKnowIt have really picked up recently. I am so thankful for all of you. When the smallest things happen, I feel so blessed and happy to have this platform. Recently, a clothing line by Amanda Stanton (a former contestant on The Bachelor) reposted one of my pictures wearing her dress on Instagram. Her clothing line is Lani the Label. Several of you went to the post just to comment and support me and it meant so much! I don't know where God is going to lead me on this blogging/influencing journey, but I do know it has been so much fun to me. So thanks to everyone of you!

Hoping this week is full of many successes for the each of you,


Blazer: Medium

Jeans: Medium (US 8)

Peep my new tat :P


Other Blazers from Previous Pictures:

Blazer: This is a super old blazer. Just wanted to show you some styles.

Blazer: Meidum

Blazer: Medium - this is sold out, but you can find tons of suggestions based off of this blazer.

My bestie Steph is rocking a cute neon pink blazer from Walmart!

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