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Attempting to Tik Tok

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hey friends,

I hope you have had a great week! My week was so freaking long and I am more than ecstatic that it is the weekend. I am about to sleep so good tonight! As usual, my bestie Steph is on her way to hang out and I'm so excited. We didn't get to go look at houses last weekend, so we are going this weekend. I doubt we will buy any of the houses we are going to look at, but we are really excited to see more of Victoria, TX. I'll keep you all updated!

My sister recently told me that I needed to post videos on Tik Tok because that's where so many people grow. So... here I am trying out Tik Tok. I feel like the biggest freaking loser ever...but I'm doing it! I figured since you all have stuck around so long, I would share my videos here as well. Feel free to follow along:

This week I also got an awesome tripod, phone stand with a light so I can take good pictures once Shea is in training. I will give it a better review down the road, but this is the one I got.

Have a greak weekend and don't forget to relax some,


Also, here is a look I shared on Instagram this morning:

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