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Animal Print for Days

Hey friends,

We are almost to the weekend! For those of you who have tomorrow off....

Anyways, we Friday, holiday workers will press on and get to our weekend tomorrow! It has been a super busy week and has gone pretty fast so I cannot complain. Last night I went out with some family and friends for wine and food. It's always good for me to be forced to put on jeans and get out of my athletic wear.

Yesterday, I posted my first Instagram reel and it was fun... and also cringe. There is just something about seeing (or hearing) yourself on camera that will forever be cringe. I will share the reel below, but it was showing a couple of different ways that you can style a Madison Braid.

As you can see in my comment, I am wearing The Olivia braid in the color Ashy Highlighted. To get 15% off their products, use my code CHANDLER15. Here are the links to my outfits:

Size medium for all of it! I do not believe the blue version of my swimsuit is available.

Today on Instagram, I posted this cute dress which you can find below. I also shared any and all sales and posts that you might have missed on my Insta. If there are any links you need, just let me know!

I hope all you suckers have a great day off tomorrow. Those of you like me, get an extra good coffee or breakfast tomorrow.



Leather Bodycon Dress:

Today on Instagram I am sharing a leather bodycon mini dress. When I first got this, I thought it was going to be so tight and unbearable. Literally, this dress is super comfortable and breathable. It has tons of stretch and give to fit your body without squeezing it in unflattering places.

Dress: Medium


Blue Bodsuit (from Tuesday - 3/30)

Tuesday I shared the cutest bodysuit ever! It is from Lani the Label and the color is just gorgeous. I will warn you, it's tight! I am wearing a medium and could have sized up to a large and been fine. Either way, so cute!

Bodysuit: Medium

You can also see my Madison Braid in the above picture! :)


Old Navy Sale:




Comfy Nightgown from Amazon:

Size: Large

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