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ACDC Graphic T


Today I am sharing a cute graphic T, ripped black jeans, and corduroy jacket. I also shared a champagne fuzzy jacket with the look as well. Which style fits you best? Honestly, I lean towards the green corduroy jacket, but I love both!

Tonight my husband is out of town and so I decided to enjoy some Chic-fil-a in bed! I am currently binge watching Good Girls season 1 and 2 since the 3rd season recently came out. If you have not seen in, you need to! Annie CRACKS me up!

Anyways, here is the look! 2 more days until the weekend!


Shirt: Medium

Jacket: Medium

Jeans: Medium (LOVE THESE)

Lipstick Color: Velvet Teddy

Jacket: Medium

My professional photographer hubby <3

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