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A Couple of House Projects - DIY

Hi all,

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far - halfway through!

I wanted to share a couple of house projects that Shea and I have done or are still working on. We are trying to make and/or DIY furniture/decor that we want in order to save money. It's been an adventure and we have definitely learned that DIY is not as easy as you think it is. It has allowed us to have good conversation and listen to some audio books. I am currently listening to The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty - she is one of my favorite authors right now!

One of our current projects is our coffee/wine bar table. Shea's father and stepmom gave us a table, coffee/wine bar cabinet, and a china cabinet. We love the style of the furniture but wanted the wood color to be different to match our decor. We did some research and headed to our local Walmart to buy the goods! Here's how it started:

Before DIY

Here are the products we have used/will use:

Tip: The plastic paint scrapers are not very good for removing the stain. We found that shorter, firm scrapers worked best. Screw drivers work great if you have any small, intricate details you have to get into.

Here's how it's looking right now:

We absolutely love how it has turned out. All we have left to do is to decide whether or not to stain it or just put on the clear matte finish. Once it is finished, I will post some update photos of how it looks and how we decided to decorate it. Together, we probably spent around $80. Sooo much better than buying brand new!


Chalkboard Refrigerator

We also had an old, ugly refrigerator that was yellow looking. Instead of buying new, we chalkboard painted it. You can use chalk to write on it to leave quotes, grocery list, etc. So instead of spending $100s-$1000s, we spent $15.


Small Business Alert

Lastly, if you are doing some residential moving in Houston, you should check out Texans Movers. I know it isn't fun to pay the cost of movers, but it can keep your furniture from getting torn up - not to mention the hassle of it all! The Texans movers are reliable, affordable, and have amazing reviews from their previous clients. Check them out!


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Thanks and see ya next time!


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