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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Not Shop

Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

In honor of the national adopt a shelter pet day, I figured I would give you 5 good reasons why you should adopt not shop. As many of you know, my husband and I have a dog (Maggie) and two cats (Quinn and Finn). We are absolutely in love and attached to all of our fur children and they bring so much joy into our lives.

I adopted Maggie after my freshman year in college when I was feeling a little lonely and wanted to have a little companion. She has been my best buddy since the day I got her. We added Quinn to the mix when Shea moved to San Antonio by himself and missed having someone there. About a year later, to my literal surprise, Shea shows up at my apartment in College Station with another cat, Finn. By this point, we aren't even married and have three animals! I have to admit I was a little upset at first, but there's not a day that goes by now that I wish Shea hadn't brought home Finn.

So, now that you know our story on how we adopted all of our babies, let me give you some reasons why you should consider getting yours from a local shelter.

#1. The obvious one, there are so many animals that need love. If you walk in almost any shelter, you will see lines and lines of cages full of some of the sweetest cats and dogs. I know there are so many rumors that shelter animals are less behaved and cause problems. NOT true. Yes, animals take time. They all do. Growing up, we have adopted and bought animals. Every animal I have ever had causes problems because they are literally like babies. I promise you if you walk in a shelter, you will not need a list of reasons on why adopting from a shelter is a great idea.

#2. The cost! Some shelters are a little more expensive than others, but every single one of my babies were either free or about $25. They come spayed/neutered and micro chipped (this allows your dog/cat to be identified if they are lost). You are getting a companion and many perks for just a small fee.

#3 You have a wide range of options. You may go in looking for a puppy and walk out with a senior dog. The options are endless and you get to spend time with them before you take them home. With all of our animals, the shelter/foster parents were willing to take them back if they did not fit in with our family. So yes, it is a commitment, but you also have people who love them enough to take them back if they are not working well with your family.

#4 You can foster the dog/cat before you decided to adopt. This is one of my favorite things that most shelters do. You are able to go to the shelter and find an animal that you think will work well with your family, take it home with you as a foster pet, and see if the animal works well with your family/other pets. If for some reason the pet does not react well, you can always try again with another animal. Most shelters are so invested in the animal's lives that they are willing to help you as long as you need to find the perfect pet.

#5. You will never regret adopting from a shelter. My dog Maggie is very anxious and literally panics if she can't see me at the dog park at all times. She literally has an orphan spirit. She needed some stability and love in her life. When I got Maggie, she was not very well trained. We spent hours together learning the basics. I think through this process Maggie was able to see that she could trust me. For me, this was a very special process that made me realize how much Maggie needed me and how grateful she was.

I know there are people out there who want to buy their dog from a breeder, and that's okay! There is nothing wrong with this and I have done it many times growing up. However, for me, adopting from a shelter is probably something I will always do from now on. It has been such a rewarding thing for Shea and I.

Now, I am going to return back to my fur babies and hubby to cuddle up and watch a movie. Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, friends!


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