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2023 Amazon Swimsuits for this Summer

Hi fam!

Hopping on to share a couple of my favorite 2023 Amazon swimsuits. As much as I love plain, simple swimsuits, I also love to have unique looks as well. I am going to share a couple of both so you have some options.


Amazon Unique Swimsuits

This is such a fun swimsuit that I have taken with me on vacation multiple times now. It has lots of coverage but still has a sexy flair to it. Best part about it is it's only $24.99! I am wearing a medium for reference.


2023 Amazon Swimsuit

Again, another fun, different swimsuit. The style is very unique! I am wearing a medium for reference. I ordered this swimsuit when looking for some last year when we went to Mexico, but ended up returning it because I found too many good ones. I didn't keep this one because it wasn't as flattering on my chest - big chested girls would like HOT in this! I had to share even though I returned it because someone needs this swimsuit!


2023 Amazon Swimsuit

One more fun swimsuit! I LOVE the color block pattern of this swimsuit. It is flattering and very fun. I am wearing a medium for reference.


2023 Amazon Swimsuit

I own this swimsuit in blue, black, and army green. It is so flattering and great for smaller chested gals like me. It is high wasted and has decent coverage in the back. It is one of those swimsuits that I always go to when I'm not sure which to wear. I am wearing a medium for reference.


2023 Amazon Swimsuit

Super simple swimsuit, but very flattering on. It comes in multiple colors too. I am wearing a medium for reference.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! Happy shopping!



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