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2 San Antonio Locations to Take AMAZING Pictures

Hey friends! So a few weekends ago, my friend Steph and I went on a hunt to find some good locations to take some BOMB pictures. We hit a JACKPOT!! So, out of the generosity in my heart, I am going to share these two locations with you.

1. The Pearl Brewery

When I first moved to San Antonio, I thought that The Pearl was just a brewery and nothing else. WRONG. Surrounding the brewery are the most gorgeous buildings, floral, and vines going up the walls. The atmosphere made me love this city a little more. I almost felt like I was not in San Antonio.

Steph and I probably only walked around 1/3 of the area and literally took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. There were an endless amount of places to take pictures. I do recommend that you get a little artsy and think outside the box. Not every background is going to scream at you so look for the small hidden beauties. Ex. different textures, colors that go with your aesthetic, cool chairs/benches, pops of color, etc.

You don't even have to go here for pictures, it is worth going just to hangout. People bring their families and sit out in the main yard, drink, and watch their kiddos play. All of the foodie places around this area are mostly healthy, gluten free, vegetarian, and so forth (this was a plus since we are on the 30 Days currently!).

Piece of advice.... if you are not into food that tastes like it was scrapped from the ground where the earthworms live, do not eat at The Good Kind. They serve the most beautiful and worst tasting meal I have ever had. Pic or it didn't happen.

For those of you looking for a tasty meal, I'm pretty sure they had a little burger store as well. You can't go wrong with burger/chicken and fries. At least while you're eating it....

2. The Essex Modern City

Steph and I wondered into this beauty not even knowing where we were going. We saw one mural online that we wanted to take a picture with and ended up finding this gem. For those of you who don't know, at the end of Essex Street there are abandoned and broken down buildings that artists have turned into masterpieces. Every wall has a different mural and theme. They play music and serve drinks while people walk around and enjoy the art and conversation.

Steph and I, however, were trying to get some good pictures. Yes, we were those girls running from one mural to the next giggling... sorry not sorry? To our luck, there was a professional photographer taking senior pictures and we were able to copy all of her spots and poses. We tried to do it obscurely, but I'm pretty sure she saw us. I definitely will be returning to both of these places in the future for more pictures and inspiration. We made a day out of these two places just wondering around and taking pictures. It was good to get out of the house and explore this city I live in. I have not done it enough and now realize that I have some amazing things in my backyard.

Thanks for reading!


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