Hi friends,

I hope you had a great weekend and a start to a great week. There is so much pollen here in Victoria, TX it has me sneezing every five seconds. Shea is out of town for the next month so I am hoping to get a lot of work done around the house. I'll make sure to keep you updated, but as always follow me on Instagram for all the deets.

Today's try on was lots of fun - so many good finds! My favorite by far is the Tennessee Whiskey tank top. Below, I will share all the information on what size I got, if you should size up, etc.

Have a great rest of your week, friends!

xo Chan

Item #1: Tennessee Whiskey Tank Top and Jean Shorts

Tank top: Medium

Shorts: 29 - size up!

Floral Dress:

Dress: Medim

Yellow Maxi Dress:

Dress: Medium

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Hey friends,

Writing to you feeling pretty refreshed after a 5 day beach vacation to Cancun with the hubby. I am a firm believer that sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation... hence why my browser is currently filled with potential next trips. It doesn't help that this Texas weather is driving me bonkers. I am so ready for warmer days!

I have lots to share from the trip including thoughts on the all-inclusive resort we went to and all the outfit details. It was just too much to share on my social media and it was about time I get back to blogging.

So first things first, thoughts on the resort....

Ocean Maya Royale All Inclusive Resort

Room: Maya Deluxe Garden View

We did NOT purchase the "Privileged Package."


  • We booked through Expedia and the price was very affordable for us.

  • All inclusive - takes the stress out of worrying about the cost during your vacation.

  • So many cute, little creatures roaming around the resort: deer, something called a Coati (cutest thing ever), iguanas, etc. Shea and I loved this part.

  • Very kind, fun staff. They all really wanted you to enjoy your vacation.

  • Access to the beach as well as a pier

  • Many photo opp places

  • They only had one vendor setup in the resort so you are not being asked to buy something constantly. There were people walking up and down the beaches, but even they were considerate.

  • Room service from 11 AM to 11 PM (if you are a "privilege" member you can get it 24/7)

  • Very good live entertainment. One night we saw some dancers who performed for about an hour or so and they were AMAZING. They also had light shows on the beach. During the day, they had several games and interacted with the visitors through dance classes, competitions, bingo, etc. It usually gave Shea and I a laugh.

  • On-site COVID testing (required to get back into US). It was $35 per person.

  • Housekeeping and restocking of your minibar everyday. Minibar was sodas and a couple of beers.

  • The coffee bar was delish!

  • Plenty of food options - always had a buffet option.

  • Pool bar + 2-3 others throughout - lines were never very long

  • Room was clean and bed was fairly comfortable


  • There was at least one restaurant, one bar, and a lounge that were for "privileged" members only. This was an extra fee. The resort is not very large, so it was a little annoying but also didn't keep us from having plenty to do/eat/drink.

  • You could only get bottom shelf liquor unless you wanted to pay an extra price - also not a big deal to Shea and I as we aren't picky.

  • Their food was good to us, but we are also in our twenties and still eat ramen. The food was by no means top tier and we did hear others complaining about it. The dessert was my least favorite thing. But honestly... we liked the food!

  • THE TV. The TV had only 4-5 channels that were in English and they were blurry and had large Spanish subtitles that were very distracting. We ended up watching movies on our phones at night.

  • Coffee house was not open in the mornings, only at night! It was great to get a cup of delicious coffee at night, but I was craving it in the AM.

  • The fruity mixes they used for drinks with fruit in them were no good. They tasted very artificial. I stuck with Micheladas and Malibu/Coke most of the vacay. Shea did enjoy their margaritas.

This list is nit-picky as I tried to think of this from many different perspectives. Shea and I had a blast and had everything we could have wanted and more.

My Trip Outfits:

Now, why we are all really here... the outfit details! Every time I go on a trip, I'll make a SHEIN order. It is so cheap and honestly 90% of it typically works great. Lots of my outfits/swimsuits are from SHEIN or Amazon - but I'll leave all the deets below. I'm linking several of Shea's outfits this post too!

DAY 1:







DAY 2:


I legit love this bodysuit! The back is so cute!



DAY 3:




DAY 4:

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals

Shea and I almost didn't do this excursion, but I'm so glad we did. We got to hold birds, snakes, monkeys, etc. It was a short 2 hour tour. If you are an animal person or have kiddos, it would be tons of fun!

Back to the beach!


I love this plain black swimsuit from Amazon! It was one of my faves for sure!

Dinner at the hibachi! It was so delish!


DAY 5:

Shea becoming my professional photographer!


We got sooo sunburn the last day!


We truly had an amazing trip and I hope the next one isn't far out! I think we are going to plan a couple of fun, Texas trips soon. If you have any trip or outfit questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Have a great weekend, friends!

xo Chan

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Happy New Year friends!

It's totally crazy that we are in 2022 because I feel like 2020 just started. It has been a heck of a two years, hasn't it?! So much loss and sadness has occurred since 2020... I don't like to talk tons of doom and gloom on my social media because it seems like we get enough of that, but I do want you all to know that I see the hurt and pain as well. It's tremendous and for some of you, harder than you can bear. My prayer for you is that 2022 brings an abundant amount of joy and peace - more than you knew was possible.

I also can't help but acknowledge the amount of joy and life we have seen in the past two years as well... so many marriages, babies, new homes, new careers, families mended, hobbies found, new friends, accomplishments, moves, etc. Our world is every changing. One day you can be on top of the world and the next you experience the worst news you could imagine. I know for me, when those hard times hit, knowing that this life is only a small piece of eternity helps. One day there won't be all of this sadness and hurt.

I pray 2022 is YOUR year. The year that you find breakthrough, love, and true joy.


Book Club:

In 2020 and 2021, I set reading goals. 2020 was my first year getting back into reading after college and my goal was 12 books - 1 per month. In 2021, I set a goal of 15 books so that I had to read a little more than 1 per month. This year, my goal is to read 20 books. I would love for you all to join in with me and set a reading goal. Books are a great way to learn, escape, and get a glimpse into other people's lives. Though I will be reading more than a book a month, I will be sharing 1 book per month that you can read with me. Most of them will come from the Reese Witherspoon book club list. For the month of January, I plan on reading The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes. At the end of the month, I will write a blog as well as do some polls on my Instagram to get an idea of what you thought about the book.

* If you don't have much time to sit down and read, use audio books in your car. I do this ALL the time.*

You can purchase it on Amazon as a paperback, hardcover, or audio book:


Today's Instagram Reel:

While I'm here, I figured I would share today's Instagram reel and pictures. I put together a simple outfit that you could probably recreate with the things in your closet. These tights are from Shapermint and are not as tearable as most I've used in the past. Click here to shop the tights.

Follow me @thatchanchic on Instagram for more reels like these:

Jacket: large

Bodysuit: medium

Skirt: Medium - I could not find the same skirt I got off Amazon years ago. I linked a similar one.

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