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Welcome to That Chan Chic! My name is Chandler Hine and I am a recent college graduate continuing to try and figure out this thing called life. If you've followed me before, you have probably noticed that I have designed many different blogs and tried many different things. I guess I am more afraid of not trying and regretting than looking like an idiot.

I have continually felt called to blog and share my life with you all. I don't really feel qualified or talented enough to do this, but I am going to try my best. I recently was accepted as a LiketoKnow.It influencer and have been able to bring in a side income for my family. I feel super blessed. 

A few of my favorite things... 

My husband, family, God, animals, porch sitting, Chic-Fil-A sweet tea, olives, wine, athletic clothing, tennis shoes, scrunchies, aesthetics, soft blankets, cleaning, and cute AirBnbs. 

My Family: 

I got married to the love of my life on January 1, 2019. Together, we have two cats and two dogs who are all color coordinating. Most of my posts will consist of a dog (probably my chihuahua Ellie) because I am obsessed. I also help with a dog rescue on the side so don't mind the constant dog hair that makes its way into my pictures. 



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